How to winterize your home




                              Winter is here, and you need to protect your home from the cold. Even snowbirds will need to ensure their homes are protected while they are away. Here are some tips for home winterization for snowbirds and those who chose to stay during the winter. • Remove any dead tree limbs that are hanging on top of your house or car. During winter these branches can fall on the roof of the house or car or passersby and cause serious damage. • Whether you will be around or not, your plumbing can be strong enough to handle the winter season and be well adapted to freezing and thawing. Plumbing systems that are not taken care of end up bursting during winter and can cause water damage or provide favorable ground for the growth of mold. To ensure this does not happen, shut off the water supply to outdoor systems and ensure there is no moisture

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Is Your Office Interior Sending the Right Message?




Professional office spaces are more than just a place to work; they are a reflection of you and your business. Whether you have other employees working in the office, or invite customers and clients into the space, make sure that your office is sending the right message. If you find your current setting is less than ideal, then it may be time for an office interior makeover. Here's how to start the assessment. Clutter and Storage We all know clutter is the enemy. It can make spaces appear messy and disorganized. In some cases, clutter can get in the way of you doing your job. And none of this makes the best impression to customers and clients. So how do you combat clutter? With storage. Storage takes a variety of forms. Whether it is tucked away closets, effective shelving, or cabinets and drawers, everything needs a place to reside. If you find most work areas are overflowing with paperwork, notes, equipment, chargers, and other supplies, new storage is a

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Trends in Today's Kitchen Design Remodels




                    A kitchen remodel lets you update your space with the latest materials, and with the best the current trends have to offer. Whether you consider your style to be contemporary, traditional, French country, or industrial, new trends in kitchen designs can be integrated into your space. Before you finalize the look of your kitchen, see if any of these popular choices resonate with you. Kitchen Cabinets When it comes to cabinet colors, white still reigns supreme. White cabinets present a clean backdrop for any style space, and can make a smaller kitchen look more spacious. It also pairs well with almost any color palette, allowing the space to be adjusted over time without having to invest in new cabinets. A recent trend has shown an increase popularity for gray cabinets as well. Whether you prefer softer hints of gray, or want to try a daring charcoal, gray is anot

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Should You Work with Only One Contractor for Your Home Build?




Many people don't realize that there are two ways to have a home built. One option has you working with one contractor for the entire job, often referred to as a turnkey service. The other is to hire individual contractors for each portion of the build. While both options seem plausible initially, working with multiple contractors comes with a unique set of challenges. Here are some points to help you decide the best way to proceed.     Scheduling and Project Coordination Building a home is a large project. It requires careful coordination of various trades, and very tight schedules. By working with a single contractor, you have put the build into the capable hands of one person. They will make sure the right people are there at the right time, and can make adjustments if the timetable shifts. If you choose to hire professional tradesman individually, you will have to coordinate the project personally. This involves making sure things are on sc

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The Dangers of Mold




Mold is dangerous. It is responsible for a variety of health conditions ranging from itchy eyes to permanent lung damage. Even if you keep an otherwise clean home, mold may be growing in your basement, air ducts, and in water damaged walls. Before you tackle the cleanup, here are some things to help you determine if this is a do-it-yourself job, or if you should call a professional. Different Surfaces, Different Needs Whether you should attempt to clean mold on your own depends on the kind of surface on which the mold is found. Hard surfaces, such as glass, metal, and stone can be cleaned fairly simply since the surface is not porous. A variety of specialty cleaning products can be found at most grocery and super stores, or you can create a bleach solution to kill the mold. Porous materials, such as fabrics, drywall or sheetrock, ceiling tiles, and carpets may have to be thrown out if the mold is significant. These materials allow mold spore to get beyond the

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