Is Your Office Interior Sending the Right Message?


Professional office spaces are more than just a place to work; they are a reflection of you and your business. Whether you have other employees working in the office, or invite customers and clients into the space, make sure that your office is sending the right message. If you find your current setting is less than ideal, then it may be time for an office interior makeover. Here’s how to start the assessment.

Clutter and Storage

We all know clutter is the enemy. It can make spaces appear messy and disorganized. In some cases, clutter can get in the way of you doing your job. And none of this makes the best impression to customers and clients.

So how do you combat clutter? With storage.

Storage takes a variety of forms. Whether it is tucked away closets, effective shelving, or cabinets and drawers, everything needs a place to reside. If you find most work areas are overflowing with paperwork, notes, equipment, chargers, and other supplies, new storage is a necessity.

Damaged Walls, Floors, and Furniture

Most businesses don’t have it in their budget to make drastic changes with every new trend. But, if your furniture is in disrepair, it is time for a change. Noticeable scratches and dents may be off-putting to customers, and damaged equipment may frustrate workers. Either way, it can lead to lower sales or lower productivity.

While chipped paint and stained carpets may not effect productivity, it will leave an impression on anyone who enters the space. Replacing or covering damaged flooring and repainting the walls automatically makes the space look fresher and more finished. Often, a professional remodeling service can complete these tasks quickly, limiting the amount of inconvenience for your business, employees, and your clients.

Closed Off Design

Workplaces are becoming more collaborative. This means moving away from traditional assigned cubicles and embracing a more flexible design. Ideas flow more freely when there are limited barriers, and you may be able to fit more people into a space once some walls come down.

For tasks that require privacy, or simply quiet, the addition of “heads down” spaces can provide employees with the solace they need to accomplish those tasks. That way, communication in the main space stays flowing, and those who need peace to work can do so whenever it is needed.

You may be able to develop any extra space into more luxurious conference rooms, or offices for working with customers and clients. That way, you can make sure everyone is comfortable when hosting a guest, but is available when they are not.

Sterile Color Choices

While working with neutrals is good for longevity, it is important to avoid creating a visually sterile space. Make sure to integrate color in flexible ways. For example, art and curtains can be changed to create a different feel, and may be able to be rotated seasonally.

If you don’t want to invest in colorful accessories, considering bring plants into the space. Not only can they add a burst of life and color, they can also keep the air fresher and make a space feel more inviting. Plants don’t have to be exotic to add something to the décor. Just make sure to be careful of those with heavy scents, as allergies to certain flowers is common.

Are You Ready for a Redesign?

If your space is lacking in key areas, it may not be giving the ideal impression. In fact, making changes could make employees and clients more comfortable, and can leave a favorable impression. If you are ready for an overall, consider working with a remodeling service with office-oriented skills. You won’t be disappointed.