At Blue Ribbon, we are one of the leading Calgary general contractors who also provide specialized demolition services. Our experience and safety practices ensure that your demolition projects are handled effectively and safely while adhering to the regulations. Our job is to make simplify every demolition project we handle. We bring your vast experience and expertise in the field of mechanical demolition and deconstruction. We have experienced engineers who conduct professional inspection of your property and create a safe and economical plan to complete the task with highest precision.

Client Relationships

We have developed trusting relationships with our clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. Blue Ribbon has successfully completed demolition phase in thousands of construction projects. Over the years we have developed a strong reputation for as a general contractor Alberta for providing precise, safe, economical and reliable deconstruction services.

Site Protection

Every demolition project has the potential to damage or affect the integrity of the site. Our engineers take all measures to protect the integrity of your site. We use the latest and most advanced technologies for site protection, ensuring that all vulnerable areas are preserved.

Green Principles

As a responsible general contractor Alberta, we are serious about environment protection. Our emphasis is on recycling, reusing or re-purposing most of the materials removed from any project, if any. We meet and exceed the environmental standards set by the local and provincial laws.

Selective Demolition – We can provide selective demolition services in Calgary. We can address the demolition needs of small or large portions of the structure or building.

Interior Demolition – We also provide total interior demolition and clean-up services of any type, size and form based on your needs.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects

We provide demolition services in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We have specialized engineers who handle projects in their respective industries, ensuring the highest level of knowledge and precision. Blue Ribbon is today recognized as one of the leading Calgary general contractors and become a part of many major construction projects in Calgary and the Alberta.

We are your one stop shop for all your residential and commercial construction, deconstruction and renovation projects. We have a successful track record of providing outstanding services in the industry.

Feel free to contact us today for an inspection and estimate. We are centrally located in Calgary for convenient access throughout Alberta.

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