fire and smoke cleaning

fire and smoke cleaning

We at Blue Ribbon have an experienced and specialized fire and smoke cleaning team that has worked on countless projects in residential and commercial settings. We are a fast growing Calgary restoration company, providing both cleaning and restoration services in the area. Fire can cause irreparable damage to your property, and it can also leave you devastated. We will treat you with empathy and respect during this difficult time while cleaning your property with high level of care.

We know through experience that each fire damage situation is unique and requires a custom solution. We have developed a standard process that addresses the problems for all types of situations. The materials that burn in different fires are different and the type of soot they form differs significantly. Our teams are capable of providing the specific cleaning procedure required for different types of soot.

We have developed the following steps for cleaning a building damaged by fire and smoke:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Determining the recovery procedure
  • Removing all materials which cannot be salvaged
  • Documenting all items and contents for cleaning and repair
  • Treating and drying the salvageable items
  • Treating and drying the areas and structures
  • Removing residual smoke and odors

We stand out from the rest of the restoration companies in Calgary by providing rebuild services for your damaged property structure.

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It is quite difficult to clean the repair the damage caused by a fire. It is even more difficult to remove the odor left by it. Even if fire has affected a portion of your property, the odor can affect the entire property. This is why it is so important to choose professional and effective post-fire odor cleaning services like Blue Ribbon.

We are a trusted Calgary restoration company who can restore your property to the pre-fire condition. We use a wide range of methods to eliminate the odor including:

  • Cleaning
  • Thermal fogging
  • Paint sealing
  • Using special equipment to generate ozone or hydroxyl

Smoke residues can also leave chemical compounds in and around the property and its contents. These chemicals can cause permanent changes to the finishes on different types of surfaces.

Our team has vast experience in the field of post-fire cleaning and we have specialists in cleaning smoke residue. We will clean key items immediately on arriving at the site to prevent further damage. As a fast growing Alberta restoration company, our goal is to salvage as much content as possible after a fire damage.

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