Water Damage

Water Damage

Your property can have water damage due to any reason. It may be due to leaks or from flooding. Whatever the cause, you will need immediate water damage restoration calgary services. We at Blue Ribbon have years of experience, specialized expertise, and the right equipment required for restoring your property.Much like managing microbial damage, a quick response is critical to making sure the water loss stays confined. In doing so not only do we prevent further damage but we also limit microbial growth.

We use advanced inspection tools to find moisture and remove it effectively. We have experienced and well trained technicians who ensure that the drying process helps restore your property to the initial condition.

Systematic Water Damage Restoration Approach

Our water damage restoration Calgary services involve a systematic approach. We respond immediately to our client calls to prevent as much further damage as possible. Our aim is to fully contain the damage to your property and take all steps to ‘heal’ it.

Drying Process

Our technicians will begin by assessing the situation and take steps to remove water damaged content. We can use a specific type of drying process based on the condition. This includes:

  • Closed systems
  • Open systems
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Refrigerant dehumidifiers

All the methods involve air movement for successfully completing the drying process.

Order Removal

Our experienced and qualified cleaning specialists use advanced and latest equipment and technology solutions for diagnosing and removing odors from different surfaces. As a water damage restoration company in Calgary, we perform thorough cleaning to ensure that all bacteria, chemicals, and organic compounds are which can be the cause behind odor.

Certified Staff

We have fully-certified, trained and experienced staff in water damage restoration in Calgary. They are continually undergoing training to ensure that they adhere to all the changes in the IICRC industry certifications. Many of our water damage technicians hold advanced certifications. You can remain assured that our technicians will have all the knowledge required for restoring your property. We have the expertise required for initiating and executing the drying plan for quick and thorough drying of all surfaces while preventing any risk of secondary damage.

The IICRC sets the industry standards and certifies professionals for cleaning and restoration. Our restoration company Calgary has fully certified technicians who follow the IICRC standards and practices for water damage restoration and other restoration services.

Whatever the cause of water damage in your property, we can address the problem and provide a professional restoration service. If you have any queries, feel free the contact us today.

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